Add drama to a dressing room!


Dramatic & Dark Dressing Room

This sumptuous, traditional and yet contemporary walk in dressing room was created for a client in Somerset, located on the outskirts of a village in a period property. As well as being a luxurious ‘film star’s’ retreat, this room was to be designed as a multipurpose, functional yet decadent space. The client’s brief was that the room should incorporate the style of the existing property and décor; it should utilize the space and provide maximum storage, whilst leaving enough room to walk around in (a walk in dressing room that you can’t walk in, is after all, simply a closet!). Initially, I asked the client to list their belongings, so that a space could be allocated for each individual collection. To my surprise there was quite a list; from sports bags, cricket gear, ski equipment to evening attire and handbags; through to jewellery, cosmetics, suitcases, socks and handkerchiefs. This was a huge task! Initially the space was split into three individual rooms; a small bedroom, an en-suite and a small closet. My task was to knock through these three rooms and make one large en-suite and one stunning dressing room.

Having carefully planned the space I discussed the design proposal to my client, we made sure that every area was carefully considered; we checked the dimensions of suitcases and large items to make sure that they had their own ‘space’ and that everything was easily accessible - how practical is a storage solution that necessitates moving everything you own to get to the back of a cupboard?

Once the build got on the way we came upon our first problem: a change in floor levels and head heights between the three rooms. Because we had maximized the space, I had to revisit the layout and adjust the overall design accordingly. The builders cleverly evened out the floor and ceiling and then work progressed smoothly.

The wardrobes were made of solid oak and then stained dark to ensure that the period look was achieved and we used antique brushed brass for the hardware and the ladder rail. Bespoke lighting was used to highlight the mirrored shoe rack and internal cabinets. A central pendant light was commissioned to be the centrepiece of the room and we fitted a super soft and thick silver carpet to the floor. The wardrobes ran around the perimeter of the room and central to this was a large and beautiful dressing table, which housed electrics for hairdryers and USB ports for mobile devices.

Whilst the wardrobes were being made up in the work- shop, the electrics, plumbing and decoration were being completed; under floor heating was fitted together with acoustic underlay. In projects like this it is important to think about access and how the furniture will be constructed. In this case the large unit were constructed in situ and other pieces were brought in whole. Once everything had been installed, the cornicing was fitted the electrics were connected and tested. Wow, there was just the slate worktop to be fitted and then the carpet! The overall look was so luxurious and dramatic and thankfully everything fitted…not that I doubted myself, but you do have moments of panic!

This design was personally tailored to the client’s individual requirements and I am glad to say that they are completely over the moon with the final result. As a busy couple, they don’t need to worry where to find or look for anything, everything has its own individual space, saving them valued and precious time and, perhaps more importantly to me, form and function work together seamlessly.